• Lora Clark

Self-Care Checklist

Here is my little self-care check list

Routine? - Easy as it sounds right? But a good tip is to get up 15 mins earlier than your household (to set you up for the day) or go to bed 15 mins earlier (so you can settle to sleep!).

Treat Yourself - Either a weekly or a monthly treat, Mama you deserve it! So why not have that bath or get your nails done or get that tub of Ben and Jerrys!

Escape Reality - What I mean by this is, watch your favourite feel good film, listen to a podcast, binge watch a Netflix series or sink your head into a good book. Just so you can 'switch off' from reality for a few hours.

Fresh Air - I cannot express this enough how good it is to go outside. A change of scenery is always good. So if you can get yourself to the beach, to the countryside or just to the shops, then do it!

Get your body moving - Yes, I've said the dreaded words 'exercise' haven't I. But it does realise them endorphins. You don't have to be a Davina McCall, just some morning stretches or a walk around the block is enough.

Let's Dance - You heard me, get up and dance! Put your favourite music on. That old spice girl CD on in the background - sing and dance to your heart's content!

Chat you say? - Having that communication and interaction with another person is so important, especially for our wellbeing. So ensure you make time to chat with your favourite mate, even if you can't facetime, a phone call, a text or even a voice note is something.

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