• Lora Clark

Tips on How to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Mirror talk - take a look in the mirror. Could be bedroom, bathroom or even your car mirror and really take a good look at yourself. Take in what you see and what you think.

Kindness - Be kind to yourself. It's very easy to self criticize. Not only that, it is totally ok every once in a while to put yourself first. Try one thing a day to remind you of being the good person you are.

Face inner critic - sometimes to move on, you have to face the inner critic. The thoughts, feelings and even fear to be able to move forward. Turning them negatives into a positive.

Social Media - Limit time on there. If you want to scroll on Instagram and check your comments on Facebook, then maybe put a timer so you are not on there all night long!

Perfection - Realising that nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes

Comparison - Stop comparing yourself to others. We all have a journey and a story to tell. Everyone is individual and unique

Visualize you - When I say this, I mean imagine yourself of who you want to become.

Assertiveness - Yes, sometimes you have to be honest or just say no. When your being assertive what you are doing is putting boundaries in place, having self respect and therefore increasing self esteem

Lowering expectations - We all have these expectations of others and mainly on ourselves and when we don't achieve them, it's crushing. So best to accept these and learning to lower them is a good start.

Goal Setting - Make a plan, try something new, take up a challenge or set a goal for you to undertake. This will give you a positive focus to think about.

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