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Top 10 tips for that work/mum life balance

Top 10 tips for working mums to achieve that work/mum life balance

Morning routine - Ensuring you have a routine for YOU not just your family. By doing this will set you up for not just the morning, but the day ahead and therefore the day will be much more productive.

Childcare - Make sure you have a trusted and good quality childcare. People who you can rely and depend on to look after your offspring, a family member or friend. If none of these are nearby perhaps an Ofsted nursery or childminder will make you feel reassured whilst you're at work and your little one is being looked after.

Family Calendar - Knowing the appointments and the special occasions are all under one area will make life a lot less complicated and more organised.

Communication and Connection - If you're working at home and you are on one of your breaks, check and play with your little ones. If you're working away from home, phone or text during the break to see how everything is. Or, perhaps get your family or friend to send a picture or video to you, that will put you at ease when you are working.

Employment - Communicate with your boss and make sure you have a good supportive manager and team. Being a working mum, you need to ensure you have the appropriate support when you are at work, as you never know when you may need to take your little one to an appointment or if they have a sick day.

Limit Distractions - Now you're a working mum, you have less time than you did before. So stop the time wasting, scrolling on Instagram and make use of the time you have to get the work done you need to. Time yourself to check your phone, then that way you will be able to have your breaks and leave work earlier which will help with the balance.

Create special time with your family - When you're not at work, create some special time as a family. Whether it's playing a board game, going for a family walk, just make some wonderful memories.

Spend time with your partner - when working you find even less time with your partner, especially if you both work and have a busy home life. We soon forget that there is a relationship underneath the children that still needs nurturing and caring for. Arrange a time, even if it's once a month to have a date together as it is so important to not forget your partner and relationship. .

Catch up with a friend - Go for a coffee or for that pub lunch with your friend that makes you laugh. In the mist of work, mum and partner, having those close friends to laugh with, share in joyful times and offload to are really important. And you often find that your friends may be feeling the same way.

Self Time - It is very important to have some you time now that you're working and being a mum. Where is that time for you? This could be just reading a book, having a bath, going for a walk round the block or getting nails done. As long as you have a little time to look after yourself, you can then be in a good place to look after others.

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